2 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Mark, saw your Top100 piece today on RWN. Well done, excellent write up. I did try to look up the http you noted but to no avail. I too, am an avid golfer, my particular weakness is making my around the Top 100, 87 so far, Courses in the UK & then around Europe/US. I am looking to make contacts & reciprocate where possible to gain access to very `private` and awkward places to play. Not so bad here in the UK, there are only a half a dozen or where you must have member access but significantly tougher in US.



    1. Hi Tony,

      Thanks for the positive feedback. Regarding the link in my review, I think it takes a bit of time for the Top100 website to register it properly. I have checked it today and it is working fine. Anyway, if you managed to find my blog then you obviously found the full post on RWN here. Regarding access, I have only played/visited a handful of courses in the US and I will email you directly about it.



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